Enabling businesses to be where they can’t be.

Carryout underwriting inspections, claim surveys, interviews and other such on-field activities right from the office using a reliable & secure live video streaming software.


What STREAMLive does for you?

Real-time Decisions

Connect, watch it live, discuss, clarify, be satisfied and take decisions in real-time without any break in process.

Better Utilization

Enables experienced & skilled resources to work from office without having to travel. Creates more bandwidth.

Saves Cost & Time

Helps centralize and supervise field activities remotely. Saves time and operational costs for businesses.

Eliminate Fraud

Interact and engage with potential customers, see the condition and take a decision to insure or not.

Here’s why businesses trust STREAMLive

Time is of supreme essence in business, now more than ever! With live video streaming enablement for your team you can get ahead in the race.

Top Features of STREAMLive

Back-Office Control on Mobile Device

Mute field audio, capture screenshots, etc.

Clever Bandwidth Utilization

Adjust resolution based on bandwidth, offline video on connectivity drop

Safe & Secure Videos

Time-stamped, intelligent archival of videos

Multiple Video Streaming Modes

Single & dual modes, option to toggle frames

Auto Geo-Tagging

Automatically captures lat-long from where video is streamed

Smart Controls on Mobile Device

Zoom-in, zoom-out, built-in flash, etc.

Learn how our clients have reported successes leveraging the suite of STREAMLive


Yes, STREAMLive can be used either as an independent application or as a plug-in to existing mobile app or web application.

Yes, STREAMLive is offered on SaaS model. It is also offered on other perpetual license model. 

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