A Comprehensive Property Risk Survey Solution

Enable evidence-based prudent underwriting decisions for commercial & SME insurance.

What SURVEYLive does for you?

Instant Survey Reports

Automatically generates risk survey report based on details and evidence captured on the mobile app.

Faster Decisions

With access to survey reports instantly underwriters are enabled to take decisions quickly and reduce TAT for quotes.

Improved Risk Selection

Provides wholistic view of the property and helps underwriters to visualize better and take prudent decisions.

Data Analysis

By digitizing data at-source, helps consolidate and build safety-measures and risk-related data for better analysis.

Here’s why businesses trust SURVEYLive

It simplifies complex and tedious risk surveys to guided-process driven surveys which can be executed with ease using an intuitive mobile app. 

Top Features of SURVEYLive

Auto Calculation of PML

PML calculation driven by configurable logic

Support for Simple & Complex Risks

Simple ones by Sales Team, Complex ones by Risk Engineers

Auto Report Compilation

Generates risk survey report automatically from the field

Guided Risk Surveys

Step-by-step process driven survey via an intuitive mobile app

Risk Scoring

Calculates risk scores based on configured logic

Wholistic View

Includes features like bird's-eye view, image marking, annotations

SURVEYLive Success Stories


No, SURVEYLive is designed to support only property risk surveys during underwriting.  There are other solutions which can be used for claim surveys.  Please get in touch with our sales team for claim survey related requirement.

Yes, the survey forms in SURVEYLive can be customized to support surveys of different types of risks.  E.g. you have separate forms for Industrial Risk and Warehouse Risk.

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