About iNube

iNube’s crafted technology understands Insurance business from ground up.

Our vision is to strive for leadership to build value for Employees, Customers and the Community, using innovative solutions and emerging technologies.

The Core Values that drives us and the decisions we take

Ethical Practices

  • Abide by all relevant laws
  • Adhere to Business Conduct

Integrity & Trust

  • Honour all commitments
  • Respect IP’s confidentiality and privacy
  • Ensure Financial Fidelity


  • Be an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Support secular practices

Passion & Excellence

  • Ensure quality in everything
  • Driven by processes




Enterprise Customers


Projects Delivered



Our Leadership Team

VinodKumar A Iyer

Chief Executive Officer

Vikram Nagarajan

Executive Director - Customer Success

Ramprasad Sanjeevi

Executive Director - Growth

Ravichandran Mahalingam

Executive Director - Technology & Products

J D Moorthy

EVP - Business & Domain

Shrinivas Susarla

EVP - Strategy and Americas

Our Partners

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Work at iNube

We believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where every employee feels valued and has the opportunity to contribute to the success of the company!

Life at iNube

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