The Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Management System.

Workflow-enabled, mobility solution to streamline break-in inspections during vehicle insurance renewals.

What INSPECTLive does for you?

Streamlined Workflow and Automation

An innovative system automating case assignment, media review, and report generation, eliminating manual bottlenecks

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Automates key tasks such as case assignment and report generation, empowering insurance supervisors to manage a larger volume of cases efficiently.

Accuracy and Authenticity

Timestamped and geotagged media uploads ensure the authenticity of inspection data, offering a reliable record of a vehicle's condition.

Superior Customer Satisfaction

The mobile browser interface simplifies the customer experience. Policyholders can easily upload images and complete inspections with guided support, fostering positive interactions and enhancing satisfaction.

Here’s why businesses trust INSPECTLive

Vehicle Inspections are tough, but not when you have access to INSPECTLive.

Top Features of INSPECTLive

Automated Report

Mobile Browser Based

Integrated with Underwriting System

Robust Security

Geo Tagging

User-friendly Interface


Yes. POLICYlive is packed with all functionalities of a core insurance system, but yes, it can co-exist with another insurance system. POLICYlive can push data generated to any other external system through APIs proficiently. The existing core insurance system can remain as the primary system of records for insurance companies.

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