A Multi-Line Investigation Solution

Streamline & Centralize all Claim Investigations under one Single Platform.

What INVESTIGATELive does for you?

Consolidate Investigations

Brings all types of investigations across different business verticals on one single platform.

More Bandwidth

Digitizes data at-source, generates reports automatically and improves overall efficiency for the team.

Saves Cost

Avoids duplication of work and helps leverage bandwidth of the field team more effectively.

Plugs Leakage

Helps uncover fraud with appropriate audio-visual evidence, and plugs leakage of claims.

Here’s why businesses trust INVESTIGATELive

Investigations can be tricky and you need to equip your field team with the right tools at the right time.

Top Features of INVESTIGATELive

Auto Assignment of Cases

Rule-based allocation saves time and delays

Conduct Parallel Investigations

Provision of the same case to be investigated by different agencies

Native Mobile App

Leverages mobile device capabilities effectively, works without internet

Configuration Driven

Configuration of stage-wise TAT, rules, workflow, etc.

TAT Monitoring & Alerts

Automatically identifies and escalates cases which breach TAT thresholds

Auto Report Compilation

Generates investigation reports with evidence captured automatically

INVESTIGATELive Success Stories


Yes, INVESTIGATELive is used by large insurance companies and also investigation agencies for conducting death claim investigations.

Yes, insurance companies can setup hierarchy and configure privileges for both internal and external users including external investigation agencies.

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