The Smart Claims Platform

Maneuver your Health, Motor and Commercial insurance claims with utmost ease, accuracy and speed.  


What CLAIMSLive does for you?

Cut TAT in half!

Fast track your insurance claims process with real-time data and business-rules driven decision.

Automatic Validations

End-to-end digitization helps in automatically validating claims against policy benefits, provider tariffs, etc.

Control Fraud / Abuse

The enhanced filters flag off any kind of suspicious claims mitigating insurance frauds and abuse.

Self Service

Lets you empower your stakeholders to be the drivers of their own requirements and necessary information.

Here's why businesses trust CLAIMSLive

A winning combination of cutting-edge tech and rich insurance claims expertise.

CLAIMSLive comes with 3 specialized variants to fit your exact needs

Health Insurance

Motor Insurance

Commercial Insurance

Key Modules of CLAIMSLive

User & Hierarchy Management

Benefit Administration

Claims Management system

Provider Management

Suspect Case Management

TPA Management

CLAIMSLive Success Stories


Yes, CLAIMSLive can be used by in-house claim processing teams of insurance companies. The in-house team will get access to additional modules like TPA Management, integration with payment gateways for settlement, etc.

Yes, CLAIMSLive for Health Insurance supports processing Group Health Insurance and  Group Personal Accident policy claims. It also provides portals for HR and members for enrollment of members, claim intimation and submission of claim documents.

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