Digitize Inspection Process to Step over Deep Water Permanently: Shorter TAT & Extended Growth

Insurance companies face challenges with delayed settlement of claims, leading to significant financial penalties, as evidenced by recent cases involving prominent players. These delays can erode customer trust and result in financial strain due to prolonged claim processing times and potential legal repercussions.  Digitalizing the insurance process, particularly the inspection system, can substantially decrease turnaround […]

Digitalized health claims process: Medical TPA in Oman

A-medical-tpa-in-oman-completely-digitized-their-health-claims-process-insurance-technology-insurance-software-solution-iNube- insurance-broker-software

The Challenge Our client, a well-established Medical TPA, was seeking to obtain approval for the TPA license provided by the CMA (Capital Market Authority, Oman). Concurrently the quality of infrastructure used to process of health claims was one of the key considerations to attain the TPA license. Basically, our platform was leveraged to complete the […]

Vietnam’s Digitized Group Health Insurance


The Challenge​ Significantly, our client is one of the largest Insurance companies in Vietnam. They offer a variety of insurance products to personal customers and corporate customers. They managed entire process of Group Health Insurance manually and were seeking to digitize the flows and improve process efficiencies.  ​ The Solution​ In order to address the customer’s […]

Process automation for Re-Engineer Health Claims

According to a government report Health insurance witnessed 13.3% growth in GDP in FY21. An increase in the limit of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to 74% in Indian insurance companies has been seen. This is expected to bring in more capital into the sector, aiding greater insurance penetration in India with the help of insurance […]

Reduced claim processing times for leading health insurer


The Challenge The customer was experiencing a growth phase and was looking to modernize and scale up their IT systems to cope with increased load. Above all  iNube introduced several cutting-edge capabilities including workflow enabled claim processing based on financial limits, digitized provider management & Schedule of Charges (SOC), TAT configuration, Case management etc. to […]

Intermediaries Platform for Multi-Channel Distribution


The Challenge The customer had a multi-channel distribution model encompassing Bancassurance, Agency, Broking and Retail Direct Channels. The customer was in need of a unified and robust platform to manage all intermediaries for the insurance policy issuance, underwriting, claims processing and digitally enable them. The Solution – Unified Platform for Intermediaries iNube bundled two products […]

General Insurance Company: Digital Claim Assessment


The Challenge Headquartered in Chennai, the customer is a prominent player in General Insurance company in South India. Current process of obtaining repair estimations for Motor Claims Damage Assessment was manual, time-consuming and prone to re-work. As part of their effort to optimize the motor claims process, customer was seeking a digital insurance solution to […]

Custom-Built Apps for Insurance Quote & Proposals


The Challenge A large Indian insurance company intended to implement a mobile application for insurance intermediaries on the move. The mobile app was to be used in conjunction with the Intermediary Portal with the insurance quote and proposals generated being synced with each other. Firstly, the lack of transparency in the industry is one of […]

Agri Insurance Automation for General Insurance Company


The Challenge Customer is an award-winning general insurance company offering Agriculture Insurance. The business processes in the Agri insurance space are largely manual and time consuming. It involves processing data from multiple sources – Banks, Government portal etc. There was a need for a comprehensive technology enabled solution to streamline the business processes and drive […]

Insurance inspection: Mobile App for vehicle inspections


The Challenge The customer was seeking to address the disjointed sales experience when completing vehicle insurance inspection in break-in scenario. Customer wanted to enable the agents and end customers alike in seamlessly incorporate vehicle inspections as part of the sales journey. The Solution- Insurance Inspection Apps iNube leveraged its flagship RMAD platform – AppsLive which […]

Motor Insurance: Reduced Claims Fraud with Live Stream

Reduced-motor-claims-fraud-with-live-streaming-for-a-leading-company-in-motor-insurance-digital-insurance-platform-insurance-software solution-iNube-insurance-technology

The Challenge Headquartered in Delhi and with a PAN India presence, the customer is a prominent player in Motor Insurance industry. The customer was looking to plug the fraudulent activity that took place during the motor claims process and was looking for an innovative digital insurance solution to address the same. The Solution- Motor Insurance […]

General Insurance: Reduced Investigation Time for Claims


The Challenge A Prominent General insurance firms in India was seeking to implement a Mobile App to enable investigation of claims emanating from Mass / State sponsored Health Insurance schemes. Basically, the customer had engaged multiple third-party agencies all over the country to carryout investigation. Moreover, managing huge volumes of investigations across multiple investigation agencies […]

Mobile App for Enhance insurance Customer Engagement


The Challenge A leading insurance player wanted to enhance their existing mobile app with a customer-centric insurance mobile app. To provide end users easy access to their product portfolio. i.e. car or two-wheeler, travel, health & home insurance policies. They were in need of a one stop shop solution that would be able to handle […]

Insurance Policy Administration with Integrated Ecosystem


The Challenge The customer had multiple products across LOBs which were handled in disjoint systems. Staggered technical landscape led to delays in addressing dynamic customer needs and increased time to market for new products. They were in need of a single insurance policy administration system that could be easily accessed by both internal employees and […]

Insurance Claims Management for Health Claim Leakages


The Challenge The customer had legacy IT infrastructure with multiple system integrations. Lack of validations during insurance claims processing led to claims leakage. Manual processing of claims consumed more time. The customer was heavily dependent on TPAs for claims processing. health insurer was seeking a system which could give them more control over the TPA […]

Agri Insurance Policy & Claims: A Digital Solution

insurance-insurance-brokers-digital-insurance-insurance intermediaries-best-insurance-solutions-bangalore-insurance-software-solution-simplified-insurance-insurtech

The Challenge The customer used to handle complications of agri insurance manually. Significantly, validation of farmer data, calculation of premium and sum insured was being done manually by the customer. Meanwhile the process was time consuming and involved huge human resource. There was a need for a technology enabled solution – An Agri Insurance Platform, […]

Emerging Technology for Agri insurance to Reduce TAT


The Challenge The customer had recently forayed into Agri Insurance business with products providing financial protection against vagaries of weather on crops sown by farmers. Because fragmented processes leading to delays was a major hurdle that led to inefficiencies in conducting business. Also, this gave rise to the need of implementing smart agricultural insurance with […]

Low code platform for Leading Insurer

iNube Software Solutions

The Challenge Due to acquisitions and working with multiple vendors, the customer had ended up running multiple disjointed systems and expecting a low code platform for built one stop solution. Significant Impact of this was fragmented information and operational silos. Users were being provided with inconsistent, or even contradicting, information that hindered the accuracy and […]

Policy Renewal On-Field Inspection for Motor Insurance

The Challenge In general, the customer is a leading private sector general insurance company producing a range of assurance schemes for individuals and corporate. Moreover, the customer was looking for a digital insurance solution to facilitate Motor Break-in Inspection process for lapsed motor insurance policy renewal. The customer was also in need of a Digital […]

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