We simplify insurance technology to help you launch innovative insurance products faster.
iNube provides future ready technology, custom built for Insurance. With our deep industry know-how, we offer unmatched business value to customers. We help deliver desired business outcomes, that are critical to any business’s success.
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iNube will value employees who have passion, positive attitude, focused on taking challenging roles and eager to work on emerging technologies by providing:

1. An eco-system to create innovative solutions.
2. Opportunities for continuous education & development.
3. Work-life balance through flexible work environment.

iNube will build value for insurance customers who are desiring long term technology partners by:

1. Creating innovative solutions to enable the customer to stay ahead of competition.
2. Partnering for meeting customer’s business goals.
3. Being a consultant to facilitate customer’s technology decisions.

iNube will build value for the local community by:

1. Contributing to relevant social causes.
2. Contributing to relevant NGO's.
3. Facilitating NGO’s with technology solutions to enhance their service capabilities.
4. Ensuring business processes are eco-friendly.
iNube will strive for leadership to build value for Employees, Customers and the Community, using innovative solutions and emerging technologies.


The combination of considerable
experience and innovations give us an
opportunity to look into future

+91 80 46512500
No. 31, 2nd Floor, Kothanur Main Road, J P Nagar 7th Phase, RBI Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560 078.
Ethical Practices:
Abide by all relevant laws. Adhere to business conduct.

Integrity & Trust:
Honour all commitments.
Respect IP’s, confidentiality and privacy.
Ensure financial fidelity.

Be an equal opportunity employer. Support secular practices.

Passion & Excellence:
Ensure quality in everything. Driven by processes.
Insurance Brands that trust us

Our Leadership Team


Vinodkumar A Iyer

Chief Executive Officer


Vikram Nagarajan

Executive Director
Customer Success


Ramprasad Sanjeevi

Executive Director


Ravichandran Mahalingam

Executive Director
Product Engineering


Dakshina Moorthy Jonnalagadda

Executive Director
Product Strategy & Insurance Practice

Our Journey



Launched game-changing APIsLive platform to support product innovation and quick product launch for insurance companies.

CLAIMSLive - 3.0

Introduced OCR and claim automation using AI capability from strategic partner.

SURVEYLive - 2.0

Introduced light version of property risk survey solution to support simple risks surveys by direct sales and insurance agents.



Launched new age platform called MICA to support on-demand and unconventional insurance products.

ASSESSLive - 2.0

Augmented ASSESSLive with AI capabilities through strategic partnership with another solution provider.

CLAIMSLive Commercial

Introduced new variant of CLAIMSLive platform to support property, engineering, marine, liability and other types of commercial insurance claims.


AGRILive - 2.0

AGRILive solution enhanced to support CCE, claims operations and settlements.

STREAMLive - 2.0

Enriched features on STREAMLive to support mobile browser to web browser initiated through SMS.


Introduced fraud control features for self-inspection through break-free 360 degree video on INSPECTLive.


CLAIMSLive Motor

Introduced new variant of CLAIMSLive platform to support motor insurance claims processing.

AVO Platform 3.0

Extended AVO platform to support quote comparison and policy purchase journey for Insurance Aggregators and Brokers. AVO is now enriched and re-branded as POLICYLive.


STREAMLive - 1.0

POC of native mobile app to web browser live video streaming successful. Implemented STREAMLive for vehicle surveys by Motor Surveyors.

ASSESSLive - 1.0

Implemented workflow based mobile app for conducting motor loss assessment.

SURVEYLive - 1.0

Introduced native mobile app driven property risk survey solution (now called SURVEYLive) for Property Risk Surveys.


AVO 2.0

AVO platform enhanced to support life insurance business processes for insurance intermediaries. AVO is now enriched and re-branded as POLICYLive.


Introduced SaaS based common investigation platform for life insurance companies to manage death claim investigations.


Evidens 2.0

Fully configurable RMAD platform launched. Rich set of mobile controls introduced to enrich functionalities. Evidens is now enhanced and re-branded as APPsLive.

AGRILive - 1.0

AGRILive solution launched to support farmer enrollment and policy booking under NAIS scheme.


CLAIMSLive - 2.0

ClaimsLive platform considerably enhanced to support all types of retail health and group health insurance claims.


Evidens 1.0

Conceived and the idea of a configurable mobility platform for quickly building mobile apps for various insurance activities. Platform was named Evidens. First release of Evidens platform, used as accelerator for quickly building native android apps. Evidens is now enhanced and re-branded as APPsLive.


AVO 1.0

Launched AVO, a virtual office solution for insurance intermediaries. AVO is now enriched and re-branded as POLICYLive.


CLAIMSLive - 1.0

Launched first version ClaimsLive to cater to the requirements of Govt. funded RSBY scheme in India. ClaimsLive RSBY was one earliest solutions to be deployed on MS Azure cloud and offered on a SaaS model for insurance companies and TPAs.


Incorporation of iNube

"I" in iNube stands for Insurance, and "Nube" means Cloud in spanish. iNube started with a vision to build innovative solutions for insurance sector, host it on cloud and offer the solutions on a SaaS model.


News and Media

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