General Insurance: Reduced Investigation Time for Claims

The Challenge

A Prominent General insurance firms in India was seeking to implement a Mobile App to enable investigation of claims emanating from Mass / State sponsored Health Insurance schemes. Basically, the customer had engaged multiple third-party agencies all over the country to carryout investigation. Moreover, managing huge volumes of investigations across multiple investigation agencies was a challenge often leading to delays in claim processing.

The Solution

iNube leveraged its flagship RMAD platform called AppsLive which has built in capabilities to create a Mobile App for any on-field activity. An Android Mobile App was custom built to manage Health Claims Investigations. Significantly, a front-end integration with the claims processing application provided a mechanism to create, assign & track claim Investigation cases for general insurance claim process.

  • Investigators digitally capture Claim Details, Hospital Details, Nurse Details, Patient Details
  • Investigators captured evidence and important artefacts in the form of Images, Audio / Video clips with geo-coordinates
  • Claim cases assigned to specific investigation agencies that were mapped region-wise
  • Investigation reports Auto compiled in customized formats

Value Delivered

  • Successfully conducted investigations in remote areas with no data connectivity (offline data capture)
  • Improved Data Accuracy and Reliability – real-time digital tamper-proof evidence.

Finally, digitizing the insurance industry is causing a major change in the way the whole process of claims and payments are carried out. Certainly, the benefits of General insurance investigation going digital are many. It is easier for customers to register their claims. Moreover, keeping a tab on their previously made claims and making payments in a hassle-free manner.



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