Reshape the Health Insurance Industry with Disruptive Technologies

Accident & Health Insurance

Growing complexities due to reforms and regulations, changing consumer needs, evolving customer expectations and lack of product innovation have emphasized the need for health insurance companies to improve operational agility and become more customer driven by leveraging digital insurance solutions.

iNube is at the forefront in providing innovative and enterprise ready solutions to health insurers. Our exclusive healthcare technology solutions help insurers streamline core business operations innovate new products with faster go-to-market, reduces operational costs and improves agility.

Our Accident & Health Insurance Solutions Expertise

Digital Claims Management & Fraud Detection

Digital Claims Management & Fraud Detection solution powered by ClaimsLive Health, a state-of-the-art and customizable technology platform for end-to-end digital claims management and fraud detection for health insurance Know More

Small Ticket Insurance Solutions

MICA, a state-of-the-art technology platform, helps you ideate small ticket insurance products across Health Insurance segment, explore distribution through unconventional channels/partners and leverage faster go-to-market Know More

Digital Sales & Underwriting

Digital Sales & Underwriting solution powered by AVO Health, is a feature rich responsive web application, that empowers health insurance intermediaries to manage and digitize the sales and underwriting lifecycle efficiently Know More

Mobility Solutions for Health Insurance Customers

MedSync, an Android and iOS-based feature rich mobile application, helps health insurers cater to the critical needs of their health insurance customers and provides a stress-free experience Know More

‘Do-it-yourself’ B2B Mobility Platform

Our Do-it-yourself B2B mobility platform called Evidens is an innovative ‘Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD) Platform’, enables P&C insurance companies to build customized mobile apps, to optimize their on-field operations Know More

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions powered by iNube’s proprietary B2B mobility platform – Evidens, helps digitize the on-field activities across the insurance ecosystem Know More

Hospital Audit Solution

Hospital Audit Solution helps conduct audits of the infrastructure at a hospital with a customized user friendly digital mobile app and arrive at an accurate empanelment decision based on empirical evidence Know More

Health Claims Investigation Solution

Health Claims Investigation Solution helps increase productivity of your health claim investigators and reduce TAT for your customers, with an intuitive mobile app that helps to investigate cases, prepare and submit reports directly from the field Know More

Live Streaming

Live Streaming solution provides a powerful medium of web and mobile app audio-video streaming, for insurance companies to augment vital on-field business functions like inspections, claims processing, agent training etc. Know More

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