What is NO-Code Insurance Software

It is safe to say that tech advancements have been a boon to the Insurance industry. However, an over-dependency on digitalization can create backlogs. Excessive reliance on technology might sometimes reduce flexibility, especially when there is a lack digital assets. No-code insurance platform allows software companies and non-technical companies to create apps and automate workflow via various user interfaces. It is a user-friendly platform which does not require a depth of programming knowledge.


What is No-Code Insurance Software

The most uncomplicated way to describe No Code Insurance Software is any software that doesn’t need to rely on complex coding for its development. Both developers and non-developers can develop apps without using classified tools and no specialized programming or software knowledge.


Key Benefits of No-Code Insurance Software


Prior to the formulation of no code software, launching brand new insurance products was an extremely time consuming process. This process consisted of several stages, including identifying gaps in the market and working on risk management. This would then be followed by professional developers working on claim processing and underwriting.

These multifunctional processes result in reduced operational efficiencies and make it challenging for insurers to address the necessities of the customers. No-code low-code software like iNube’s APIslive makes it extremely convenient for insurance companies to create and launch new products faster, regardless of the complexity. This in turn helps these insurance companies save both – time and money and makes them more agile and it allows automation.

With the help of no code software, the endless wait for product cycles for releasing applications can be smoothly cut down. Reduced productivity too, can be therefore neglected. The access provided for product innovation to those who directly deal with customers can yield better result in the swift development of better production. In addition, digital insurers too want a platform that helps them in automating complex workflows, easily collaborates with their existing systems, and allows them to construct a multichannel distribution.


Challenges with NO-Code Insurance Software


The no code software is indeed a new technology, and adopting to it requires massive change within insurance organizations. Insurers need to learn and get trained to adapt to this technology.

Also, there is no one-shot solution, and insurers should experiment with different platforms before they find the right one which fits their needs. Usually, the inability and unavailability to integrate new features for creating apps hold insurers back. To reap the benefits of becoming truly digital, insurers need to opt for one that provides them a competitive advantage.

In conclusion, this is exactly where iNube makes a difference. Our high end no-code low-code insurance platform APIslive is configuration driven. A majority of the configuration can be managed by business users themselves, while the rest can be handled by tech users.

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