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Agri Insurance Policy & Claims: A Digital Solution

The Challenge

The customer used to handle complications of agri insurance manually. Significantly, validation of farmer data, calculation of premium and sum insured was being done manually by the customer. Meanwhile the process was time consuming and involved huge human resource. There was a need for a technology enabled solution – An Agri Insurance Platform, to meet the requirements of Agri insurance.

The Solution- Digital Solution for Agri Insurance

iNube implemented Agriculture Insurance solution for Policy Booking and Claims Processing. Therefore, this helped the customer to reduce all the manual activities and replace physical file processing.
• Caters to the primary stakeholders – Banks, Insurance companies, Govt portals.
• Some of the Agriculture Insurance Platform’s functional modules:

  • Inward Management & Policy Booking
  • Claim Processing & Settlement
  • Crop Cutting Experiment – CCE App

Value Delivered

  • Eliminated human error while calculating premium. Above all, it resulted in productivity increase
  • Precise data collection for accurate estimation of crop yield from the field, enabled by CCE Mobile App
  • Efficiently managed large volume of Policy Booking & Claims Processing, with minimal human resource
  • Over 200 Million sum insured with 28 million premium collected across 300 different crops being managed currently

Lastly, iNube is a leading provider of Agriculture Insurance solution. Moreover, the company offers an easy to use and scalable platform that helps farmers and insurance companies reach out to the clients.

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