Policy Renewal On-Field Inspection for Motor Insurance

The Challenge

In general, the customer is a leading private sector general insurance company producing a range of assurance schemes for individuals and corporate. Moreover, the customer was looking for a digital insurance solution to facilitate Motor Break-in Inspection process for lapsed motor insurance policy renewal. The customer was also in need of a Digital Vehicle Inspection App for live streaming to perform vehicle inspection and submit reports in real-time.

The Solution

iNube leveraged its flagship RMAD platform called Evidens which has built in capabilities to create a Vehicle Inspection Mobile App for any on-field activity. Such as optimized Motor Insurance Policy Renewal Process with Live On-Field Inspection and Real Time Reports. An Android Mobile App was custom built to manage this Motor Break-in Inspection. The solution highlights included-

  • Dynamic report generation
  • Geo-location tagging of the evidence captured
  • Captured images, annotate and mark comments
  • Captured e-Signature

Value Delivered

  • Eliminated manual operations & reduced inspection cycle-time
  • Break-in inspection details & evidence captured real-time led to data accuracy and reliability
  • Ease to conduct inspections even in offline mode helped the customer to overcome network connectivity issues
  • Increased productivity and bandwidth to take a greater number of inspections per day
  • Helped in expediting premium decisions after verification of real time report by the operations supervisor through web application
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