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Low code platform for Leading Insurer

The Challenge

Due to acquisitions and working with multiple vendors, the customer had ended up running multiple disjointed systems and expecting a low code platform for built one stop solution. Significant Impact of this was fragmented information and operational silos. Users were being provided with inconsistent, or even contradicting, information that hindered the accuracy and timeliness of decision making. Meanwhile, a lot of business processes, on the other hand, were interdepartmental and hence automated workflows were much harder to achieve.

The Solution – Low Code Platform for Middleware Implementation

According to iNube suggestion the introduction of Middleware implementation to support for “one to many” type of integration. Surely, which is crucial where there is multi-channel distribution network and a single policy origination system (Core).

  • Implementation of WSO2 is a lightweight, scalable, component oriented; Java based enterprise service bus (ESB)
  • Communication channel between the systems, all monitoring of integration takes place in one system. Because that execute built in redundancies, backups, alerts, and monitors within the Middleware implementation
  • Systems on either side of the Middleware operates independently
  • Messages between two systems simply queue up in the Middleware system. Until the other side becomes available

Value Delivered

  • Eliminated the need for any custom coding in the Core and Non-Core systems
  • Application upgrades were made simpler and easier
  • Enhanced operational agility with faster ROI
  • Improved customer service levels cost-effectively
  • Improved flexibility that helped the insurance company to react quick. Most important to customer service requests

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