Custom-Built Apps for Insurance Quote & Proposals

The Challenge

A large Indian insurance company intended to implement a mobile application for insurance intermediaries on the move. The mobile app was to be used in conjunction with the Intermediary Portal with the insurance quote and proposals generated being synced with each other.

Firstly, the lack of transparency in the industry is one of the most challenging aspects of being an intermediary. Because insurance intermediaries are not always easy to disclose quote information about their clients without violating confidentiality agreements and other legal restrictions. Moreover, this lack of transparency contributes to mistrust between parties involved in insurance operations, which can lead to dispute.

In order for these challenges to be solved, custom-build mobile application ensure that all insurance quotes and proposals publicly displayed transparently. So that anyone can see and access without a doubt.

digital insurance

The Solution-Apps for Insurance Quote & proposal

iNube has among its product suite, an innovative mobile app for insurance agents and intermediaries, significantly called as AppsLive which was customized for use by the Intermediaries for Quick Quotes/Proposal Generation.

  • AppsLive Mobile Apps caters to top three lines of business – Motor, Health and Travel
  • Lead Management – Create, follow up and set appointments with insurance prospects
  • Enable data capture for quotes and proposals digitally
  • Train and equip intermediaries with sales collaterals
  • Synced with Intermediary portal for real-time premium generation and underwriting rules
  • Serve as a platform to distribute product information, brochures and sales material

Value Delivered

  • Ability to Operate in Online/Offline Mode
  • Channel Effectiveness – Extended reach of sales force
  • Readily available product leading to faster ROI.
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