Insurance inspection: Mobile App for vehicle inspections

The Challenge

The customer was seeking to address the disjointed sales experience when completing vehicle insurance inspection in break-in scenario. Customer wanted to enable the agents and end customers alike in seamlessly incorporate vehicle inspections as part of the sales journey.

The Solution- Insurance Inspection Apps

iNube leveraged its flagship RMAD platform – AppsLive which has built in capabilities to create an Enterprise Mobile App for any on-field activity. An Android Vehicle Insurance Inspection Mobile App was custom built to manage the Vehicle Inspections.

  • Live Streaming component introduced the capability to interact in real-time with personnel on the field
  • Mobile App enabled all agents to capture inspection data (with related video and images), generate a detailed report and send it across to their respective supervisors for further review and action
  • Supervisors accessed the report along with the images, audio visual clips captured from the site via the web portal. Workflow driven to accept or re-assign the report

Value Delivered

  • Increase in customer engagement with a more seamless sales journey
  • Increase in efficiency in managing agents and third parties carrying out vehicle inspections


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