Break-in Period in Vehicle Insurance

Your vehicle is not just a mode of transportation; it’s an essential part of your life.  So, it is extremely important to know what break-in periods are and why to avoid that from happening.


Understanding Vehicle Break-In Insurance

Break-in period is the time gap between the last date for renewal of car insurance and the date on which you renew your policy. Vehicle break-in insurance is a specialized type of auto insurance coverage that protects your car. Your vehicle policy remains inactive during this time and if your vehicle faces any damage during this period, it will not be covered under the policy.

It goes beyond standard liability coverage, offering financial protection for a range of scenarios, including break-ins and theft.



What happens if you do not renew your car insurance during break-in period?

Many insurance companies in India provide a grace period of 90 days. During this period, you can renew your car insurance policy. The maximum allowed ‘break-in period’ is of 90 days.

However, once the 90 days window days is gone, you might lose all accumulated benefits, and your policy will lapse. After this lapse you need to restart your insurance policy from the very beginning. Also, the important mention you should know is that – the policy that will be purchased after the 90 days gap is treated as completely new.

Benefits of renewing vehicle insurance policy on time

There are many benefits of renewing your vehicle insurance policy on time.

First and foremost, your car is insured all the time, implying that there are no gaps and no break-in period.

And as mentioned above, you get No Claim Bonus for every claim-free year. Furthermore, the value of NCB increases with each renewal. Some insurance companies even allow transfer of NCBs to the new vehicle’s policy, when and if you are selling off your old vehicle and buying a new one.

As we know that it is mandatory by law to have a car insurance for every car owner, an expired car insurance policy therefore, making you liable against legal charges.

Considering all the losses and complications one might face towards renewing a lapsed car insurance policy, it is always a better option to renew it on time.


It is important to know and comprehend exactly what vehicle break-in is, and how to avoid that from happening.




Joyoshna Roy

Joyoshna Roy

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