Digitalized health claims process: Medical TPA in Oman

A-medical-tpa-in-oman-completely-digitized-their-health-claims-process-insurance-technology-insurance-software-solution-iNube- insurance-broker-software

The Challenge Our client, a well-established Medical TPA, was seeking to obtain approval for the TPA license provided by the CMA (Capital Market Authority, Oman). Concurrently the quality of infrastructure used to process of health claims was one of the key considerations to attain the TPA license. Basically, our platform was leveraged to complete the […]

Reduced claim processing times for leading health insurer


The Challenge The customer was experiencing a growth phase and was looking to modernize and scale up their IT systems to cope with increased load. Above all  iNube introduced several cutting-edge capabilities including workflow enabled claim processing based on financial limits, digitized provider management & Schedule of Charges (SOC), TAT configuration, Case management etc. to […]

Insurance Claims Management for Health Claim Leakages


The Challenge The customer had legacy IT infrastructure with multiple system integrations. Lack of validations during insurance claims processing led to claims leakage. Manual processing of claims consumed more time. The customer was heavily dependent on TPAs for claims processing. health insurer was seeking a system which could give them more control over the TPA […]

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