SURVEYLive – The comprehensive risk survey solution

Scientific & Prudent Underwriting with Simplified Risk Surveys.

Don’t let time and effort be the reason for compromising on property risk surveys. Survey and be satisfied with the risks you are underwriting by delegating property risk surveys to your direct sales or insurance agents and automating risk score calculations based on survey inputs.

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Components in SURVEYLive Solution

Be it complicated risk surveys to be carried out by risk engineers or simple risk surveys to be carried by sales team/insurance agents, SURVEYLive has it all! SURVEYLive has two components tied to each other through a workflow.
  • Web Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Manage users & permissions (both internal users and external agencies)
  • Configure risk categories and scores for grading risks
  • Create & assign cases for risk survey to be carried out
  • Track progress of risk surveys (including TAT)
  • View Property Risk Survey Reports and images/videos
  • Rate quality of risk survey done
  • Receive notification of cases assigned for risk surveys
  • Initiate simple risk surveys
  • Carry out risk survey, capture audio-video evidence
  • Preview and submit Final Report
  • Receive feedback/rating

Go digital for your Property Risk Surveys too! Leverage the made-to-fit features on SURVEYLive and digitize your risk surveys.

Configuration-Driven Logic
  • Calculation of Risk Scores
  • Calculation of PML
Dynamic Risk Survey Forms
  • Based on cover-type and occupancy type
  • Industry-wise and exposure-wise
Multiple Survey Case Assignment options
  • Proximity / location based
  • Skill / expertise based
Workflow Enabled and User-friendly
  • Seamless integration between portal and mobile app for workflow
  • Option to use portal for editing and compiling final reports
Advanced Features on Mobile app
  • Capture Google earth image with geo-coordinates
  • Annotation features to communicate specific observations
Safe, Secure and Tamper-proof
  • End-to-end encryption of data captured on mobile device
  • Provision to capture photos/videos only through mobile app (not from phone gallery)
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Property Risk Surveys – Simple, Medium or Complex Risks, you can survey them all!

Simple Risk Surveys

Mandate basic risk surveys prior to acceptance of any risk!  With SURVEYLive, enable even your non-technical personnel to carry out simple risk surveys. Get your direct sales or insurance agents to do the risk surveys for you.  Enable them through a guided process for the risk surveys.  Grade risks automatically and select risks to be insured scientifically.

Detailed Risk Surveys

Capturing data for detailed risk surveys in itself could be a very tedious and time-consuming affair. Streamline the information to be collected for each occupancy type or industry type and have the solution auto-compile comprehensive reports with SURVEYLive

SURVEYLive Value Proposition
  • 10X improvement in productivity, do more property risk surveys
  • 100% improved risk selection based on scientific underwriting
  • 3X faster underwriting decisions
  • 40% reduction in cost of risk surveys
“Customer satisfaction is utmost priority for Chola MS. To enhance customer experience, Chola MS had embarked on a journey to digitize claims activities, enhance speed in settlement and increase per person productivity. We are able to successfully achieve many milestones by using an advanced and user-friendly Live Video Streaming Platform developed by iNube team iNube has been instrumental in designing and implementing multiple mobility solutions to further our cause and helped Chola MS achieve its Goals”

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