STREAMLive – The Pluggable Live Video Streaming Solution

Simplify and Delegate Your Field Operations.

Create bandwidth for your critical resources. Delegate, yet be in control, of your field activities by using one of the most robust and scalable live video streaming platforms, Streamlive.

A2B and B2B. Use it the way you want.

STREAMLive comes with 2 variants to suit the useability.
  • STREAMLive A2B
  • STREAMLive B2B

The mobile App to web Browser variant which can be plugged into existing native mobile apps. Useful for business partners or service provider related live video streaming use cases.

The mobile Browser to web Browser variant which eliminates the need of installing mobile app to start streaming video.  Useful for end customer related live video streaming use cases.

A feature-rich workflow enabled platform which vests control in your hand.

On-field Mobile Device Control from the Back Office
  • Capture snapshots during video streaming.
  • Mute field audio
Smart Controls on the Mobile
  • Zoom in or out
  • Flash control for built in flash
Back Office Connect
  • Tracking availability of back-office personnel in real-time
  • Scheduling feature to ensure availability of all parties
Screen-toggle and Multiple Video Streaming Modes
  • Option to toggle and enlarge frames in focus
  • Single or dual mode for video streaming
Clever Bandwidth Utilization
  • Automatically adjusts video resolution based on bandwidth available
  • Automatic switch to offline video capture in case of drop in network connectivity
  • Requirement-based configurable limits for video timeframes
Safe and Secure Videos
  • Time-stamped videos for reference
  • Default capture of geo coordinates
  • Intelligent archival of old videos
Insurance Brands that trust us
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Where to use STREAMLive? Literally, anywhere

Motor Insurance Inspection

Why spend time and money to inspect the condition of the vehicle before insurance? Use STREAMLive B2B and send a tiny url link to your customer on SMS, get the customer to click the link and start the live stream on his/her mobile device, and complete the inspection. Take decision instantly. Simple.

Motor Loss Assessment

Why travel to the repair centre to see the vehicle?!  Plug-in STREAMLive A2B into your network repair centre’s mobile app, ask them to stream the video live, see and capture images of whatever you want to see and complete the survey

Life/Medical Underwriting

Why give a chance to impersonate?!  Plug-in STREAMLive A2B into your agent’s mobile app, ask them to stream the video live and talk to your potential customer, see their condition and take a decision to insure or not.  Being skeptical helps eliminate potential fraud.

Video-based KYC

Why inconvenience the customer by making him physically visit your branch?! Take advantage of IRDAI compliant Video KYC solution to fulfill KYC requirements. Authenticate identity of customers by validating (face match) against the identification documents

STREAMLive Value Proposition
  • Reduce cost of operations by more than 60%. Save travel costs. Save even more by enabling your customers to do it on your behalf.
  • Improve productivity of your critical resources by 4X. By not travelling to the site, and doing all their activities from the office itself, your critical resources will be able to contribute more up the value chain.
  • Delight your customers, partners and service providers by enabling them with technology that can help them save time.
“Customer satisfaction is utmost priority for Chola MS. To enhance customer experience, Chola MS had embarked on a journey to digitize claims activities, enhance speed in settlement and increase per person productivity. We are able to successfully achieve many milestones by using an advanced and user-friendly Live Video Streaming Platform developed by iNube team iNube has been instrumental in designing and implementing multiple mobility solutions to further our cause and helped Chola MS achieve its Goals”
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