INVESTIGATELive – Multi-Line Investigation Solution

Streamline and Centralize All Your Claim Investigations.

Detect fraud, save costs and improve time taken to settle claims.

Use the mobile app enabled solution offered by INVESTIGATELive to assign, track and manage all suspect cases across all lines of business.

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Components in INVESTIGATELive Solution

INVESTIGATELive is workflow enabled and comes with a web portal for back-office users and mobile app for field investigators.
  • Web Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Manage users & permissions (both internal users and external agencies)
  • Create & assign cases (including rules for auto-assign)
  • Track Progress (including TAT)
  • View Investigation Reports, supporting evidence
  • Rate quality of investigations
  • Accept or decline cases assigned for investigation
  • Carry out investigation, capture audio-video evidence
  • Preview and submit Interim Report
  • Preview and submit Final Report
  • Receive feedback/rating

INVESTIGATELive Is Designed To Expedite Your Overall Claim Investigation Process And Reduce The Time-Taken To Decide On Claims.

Intuitive and Simple to Use
  • Intuitive and easy navigation
  • Cases organized in folders for easy access
  • Supports configuration of TAT at multiple stages in the investigation process
Rule-Based Auto Assignment
  • Proximity based assignment rules
  • Skill/speciality-based assignment rules
Auto-Escalation And Quality Check For Cases
  • Cases automatically escalate once configure TAT is breached
  • Workflow driven quality check of reports and evidence before final submission
  • Provision for taking second opinion (parallel/additional investigation)
Safe, Secure and Tamper-Proof
  • End-to-end encryption of data captured on mobile device
  • Provision to capture photos/videos only through mobile app (not for gallery)
Native Mobile App
  • Works offline
  • Leverages camera and GPS capabilities of mobile device
Insurance Brands that trust us
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Popular Use Cases For INVESTIGATELive In The Insurance Industry.

Health Insurance Cashless and Reimbursement Claims

In an industry rampant with fraud due to overstating the medical charges and collusion between unscrupulous elements, deploy investigators armed with INVESTIGATELive powered questionnaires. Time is of the essence in a cashless claim–get super-fast updates from on-field investigators, and take informed decisions on claims.

Property Damage and Theft Claims

Investigate property damage (e.g., fire damage, water damage or car accidents) and theft claims (e.g., theft, burglary, hijacking or robbery). Depending on the property and the claim, an investigator might want to call in an expert. For example, they might ask for someone to come in and evaluate the burn patterns to discover the origin and cause of a fire.

The information gained through this process will help the examiner either confirm or deny that the claim is legitimate.

Workers’ Compensation (WC) Claims

Fraudulent workers’ compensation claims can be hazardous to the financial wellbeing of your business. To determine the legitimacy of a claim, an insurance investigator can conduct a workers’ compensation claim investigation.

The investigation seeks to determine 

  • Is the employee as injured as they claim to be?
  • Was the injury inflicted while the person was working?

Use pertinent questionnaires from INVESTIGATELive to carry out WC claims investigations and minimise claims leakage.

Travel Claims

Travel claims are mostly focused on claims for medical bills, personal effects, luggage, electronic gadgets etc. Unfortunately, these are perceived ‘low’ value of such claims invariably places them beneath the radar of many commercial organisations. 

This doesn’t have to be the case, with INVESTIGATELive you can deploy personnel to carry out travel claim investigations quickly and efficiently without impacting the claims experience for the customer

INVESTIGATELive Value Proposition
  • Gain efficiencies to the tune of 40% in managing pool of Investigators across multiple lines on a single platform
  • Digitize investigation findings and derive actionable intelligence
  • Reap cost savings by reducing claims leakage
“Customer satisfaction is utmost priority for Chola MS. To enhance customer experience, Chola MS had embarked on a journey to digitize claims activities, enhance speed in settlement and increase per person productivity. We are able to successfully achieve many milestones by using an advanced and user-friendly Live Video Streaming Platform developed by iNube team iNube has been instrumental in designing and implementing multiple mobility solutions to further our cause and helped Chola MS achieve its Goals”
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