INSPECTLive – Smart Pre-Insurance Inspection Solution

Be Sure of What You are Insuring.

Inspect vehicles while sitting back on your armchair using InspectLive Get your inspections done by your partners or customers themselves.

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A2B and B2B. Use it the way you want.

INSPECTLive comes with 2 variants to suit the useability.

The Business-to-Business native Android mobile app variant designed to be used by your channel partners.

The Business-to-Customer mobile browser-based variant designed to be used by your customers themselves.

Know the condition of the vehicle you are insuring. Use the sophisticated features available on INSPECTLive to empower your channel partners and customers to self-inspect vehicles before insuring.

Specially Designed Features for Fraud Control
  • Time-boxed 360-degree video of vehicle
  • Geo tagging of inspections
Intuitive User Experience
  • Reference image against each of the image capture fields
  • Instructions to guide users during capture of break-free video
Network Adaptability
  • Auto sync data captured in offline mode
  • Loss-less compression of media files during data transmission
Safe, Secure and Tamper-proof
  • Option to toggle and enlarge frames in focus
  • Single or dual mode for video streaming
AI-Enabled Inspections
  • Auto detection of scratches, dents and tears
  • Categorization of damages based on severity
Underwriting Recommendations
  • Configurable underwriting recommendations based on extent of damage
Insurance Brands that trust us
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Simple. Cost-effective. INSPECTLive Ensures No Baggage is Carried from Your Competitor.

Motor Vehicle Break-In Inspection

Equip and empower your channel partners and customers to carry out guided vehicle inspections when there is break in insurance. With INSPECTLive, enable your underwriters to completely satisfy themselves with the condition of the vehicle prior to accepting the risk.

Auto Renewal with Compulsory Inspection

Offer guaranteed renewals post self-inspection by your customers. With INSPECTLive, simply send a SMS with tiny URL and have the customer go through a guided self-inspection process and be done with it.

INSPECTLive Value Proposition
  • Zero workload on insurers for inspections
  • 4X faster underwriting decisions
  • 100% qualified risk acceptance
“Customer satisfaction is utmost priority for Chola MS. To enhance customer experience, Chola MS had embarked on a journey to digitize claims activities, enhance speed in settlement and increase per person productivity. We are able to successfully achieve many milestones by using an advanced and user-friendly Live Video Streaming Platform developed by iNube team iNube has been instrumental in designing and implementing multiple mobility solutions to further our cause and helped Chola MS achieve its Goals”

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