Embedded Insurance Infrastructure

No matter who you are - an insurer, broker, or a brand, iNube has a flexible and scalable embedded insurance platform for you. Our platform enables launch of innovative insurance products and help you expand your market on the go.
<strong>Insurance Companies</strong>

Insurance Companies

  • The platform enables the creation of innovative insurance products like byte-sized insurance, on-demand insurance & personalized coverages and bundle them as embedded insurance through instant APIs.
  • Accident covers for travelers, & disease cover for payment app users - these are just few of the products created by our existing customers.


  • Using our platform's instant APIs, intermediaries can enable brand partners to sell innovative insurance products & personalized coverages as embedded insurance.
  • Gadget cover, personal accident insurance, and customized products - these are just some of the insurance products you can sell using our platform.
<strong>Brands & Innovators</strong>

Brands & Innovators

  • Using the platform, you can create new, contextualized insurance coverages that can be embedded with your products/services on the fly.
  • Here are some of the ready-to-go products that can be offered using our platform- extended warranties on consumer durables, personal accident coverage, cycle insurance etc.

Where Do We Meet?

With our industry knowledge and expertise in technology, we have tailored EMBEDLive to fit each player's requirements perfectly. So, where are you?
Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies



Brands & Innovators

Brands & Innovators

What We Do?

Building an embedded insurance product requires new ways of thinking and quick implementation —APIs are the keys to bringing innovative thoughts to customers.
Product Configurator – With an advanced builder, comprehensive rating and rule engine, the platform enables quick configuration of new insurance products
Instant Policy Issuance – After the insurance has been purchased, the system auto-generates policy statement and send it out to the customer's registered contact details
Ready-to-Adopt Platform - The platform is easy to adopt and can be up and running within weeks. It can run independently or be integrated with any IT infrastructure
Lightweight SaaS Model - Leverage the power of the cloud while maintaining data privacy with the lightweight SaaS model

How Can Embedded Insurance Benefit You?


1. How can EmbedLive help in distributing embedded insurance?

EmbedLive has a powerful product configurator that enables quick configuration of innovative insurance products and aid distribution through APIs. The platform comes with pre-built online buying journeys that can easily be integrated to existing website, application, or can be used as an independent portal. EmbedLive enables end-users to take instant buying decisions, allowing brands to generate more revenue from their captive audience and for insurers and brokers to expand their customer base.

2. How long does it take to integrate EmbedLive platform and start selling insurance?

It takes anywhere between 30 to 60 days to integrate the platform and start selling insurance.

3. Can e-commerce companies use EmbedLive platform?

Yes, e-commerce companies of any scale can use EmbedLive platform and bundle insurance coverage with their products.

4. What are some examples of embedded Insurance products that can be configured on EmbedLive?

iNube’s EmbedLive platform can configure any kind of insurance product. Some of the products include extended warranties, differentiated health insurance covers, travel insurance with in-trend covers, pet insurance, cycle insurance, device protection insurance, motor insurance, golf insurance, cattle insurance products, and the list goes on.

5. How does the EmbedLive platform help insurance companies to improve customer experience?

The platform enables insurers with a unique strength to launch insurance products with coverages in line with the modern users’ requirements. A feat that is difficult to achieve with the traditional core. Additionally the instant API kits generated using the platform enables insurance distribution at supersonic speed, ensuring that their customers get the insurance product they value at the click of a button.

6. What makes iNube's EmbedLive platform unique?

iNube’s lightweight cloud-based Embedded Insurance platform is unique because it allows stakeholders to configure and launch any type of insurance products in days. Additionally, it can accommodate different integrations and can integrate seamlessly with any IT infrastructure or can be run independently.


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