Scale your business to new heights with iNube’s Insurance Broker Management Software!

Plug-and-play solution offered on an opex model
APIs Pre-Integrated
  • Integrated with APIs of all major insurance companies for quotes and policy issuance
  • Retail insurance products
White-Labelled Portal
  • Broker’s own branded portal
  • Redirection enabled from existing website of broker
Responsive Design
  • Can be opened & run from mobile browsers
  • Supports multiple form factors
Independent Database
  • Proprietary architecture which ensures independent and siloed database for each broker
  • 100% data ownership with the broker
Cloud Hosted Insurance Broker Management Software
  • Hosted in India datacenter
  • Automatic scaling based on volumes
Configuration of Features to Compare
  • Capability to configure features which can be compared
  • Capability to configure recommendations

End-To-End Journeys for Your Customers and PoSPs with Insurance Broker Solutions

COMPARELive supports all retail lines of business.
Motor Private Car Insurance
Motor Two Wheeler Insurance
Health Insurance
Travel Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance

All You Need in An Insurance Broker Management Software!

The platform comes with all essential components/modules bundled together.

Quote  Comparison

Buy/Renew Online


On-boarding & Management


Reports &

COMPARELive Value Propositions

‘Out-of-the-box’ technology for Insurance Brokers.
Provide a branded portal for your customers to buy/renew online
On-board PoSPs, scale your reach
Pay-when-you-earn, not otherwise
Flexible pricing models to choose from based on your business needs
Get new product API integrations and API change management, free-of-cost
Periodic feature upgrades and enrichments at no additional cost
Rely on insurance broker management software’s dashboards that tell you the true story

Why Choose iNube’s COMPARELive?

iNube has in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry and over a decade of experience providing InsurTech solutions to brokers and insurance companies globally. With extensive understanding of broking business activities and requirements, COMPARELive was conceived and developed to fulfil each and every requirement of insurance brokers. 

Today’s insurance landscape has seen a massive digital transformation, and this has enabled most insurance brokers to accelerate their business processes. This has further made the insurance broker domain all the more competitive. With iNube’s broker platform COMPARELive, brokers can always stay a step ahead of the curve, gain more customers, and expand their geographical reach. 

Most importantly, COMPARELive enables insurance brokers to become tech-savvy instantly, work smarter, and improve their business. The platform is packed with high-end features, and it comes with several business benefits. You can take a look at the details below to get a deeper insight into the platform’s capabilities. 

COMPARELive's Features

Complete Customer Buying Journey

The platform comes with a pre-built responsive online buying journey for customers and PoSPs for a unified buying experience across devices. The pre-developed online buying journey can easily be integrated to your current website, application or can be used as an independent portal.

Proprietary Architecture

COMPARELive provides proprietary architecture which ensures an independent and siloed database for each broker. The platform provides 100% data ownership to the broker and is designed to leverage the common resources and cloud optimally.

SaaS Platform

COMPARELive is insurance broker platform hosted on cloud in a secure data centre in India and offered on an OPEX model to insurance brokers in India. Being a SaaS platform, the insurance brokers need not worry about the updates/changes to the APIs done by insurers. Moreover, the feature/functionality upgrades are automatically enabled on the platform.


COMPARELive comes with a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface. The insurance broker platform can be easily adopted and used by your team, PoSPs, and also customers.

Dashboards and Reports

The COMPARELive platform includes informative dashboards and regulatory reports that give you insights into product performance, team performance, and more to track your business and its growth. Additionally, you can access all the relevant information through a centralized repository for all policy-related data.

Ready-to-Use Platform

COMPARELive comes pre-integrated with multiple insurance company APIs, and they can be rolled out to production within a few weeks.

Service and Support

COMPARELive platform offering comes with a inclusive support offerings. A dedicated support team manned by technical experts will be to resolve any issues noticed on the platform.

COMPARELive's Business Benefits

Scaling Your Business

COMPARELive is a highly scalable platform that perfectly fits in the landscape of broking businesses of all sizes. The platform is suitable for some of the largest insurance brokers in the country . Plus, it can suit small and medium sized insurance brokers whose business is growing and is in a dynamic state.

Build End-to-End Online Presence

COMPARELive enables brokers to build an end-to-end online presence within just a few weeks. From reports and dashboards to keep track of business to a complete customer journey. With this insurance broker software, brokers can conquer the digital world with an uncluttered, sophisticated online presence.

Enable Instant Policy Purchase

COMPARELive enables customers and point-of-sale partners (PoSPs) to compare insurance quotes and purchase insurance policies instantly. This can improve customer experience, as a result, increase business conversions.

The platform’s benefits do not end here, do you want to know more about iNube’s Insurance Broker Software COMPARELive and how it can take your broking business to the next level? Click the button below to book a free demo.

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