Level Up your Business with iNube’s Insurance Broker API

Out-of-the-Box Solution offered on SaaS
Quote Comparison
  • Enables auto-generation of quotes from multiple insurance companies in a single API call 
  • Present comprehensive quote comparison on a single screen to your customers
Buying Journey for Customers
  • Pre-built customer journey for a unified purchase experience across devices 
  • Easy to integrate with your existing website or application 
PoSP On-boarding and Management
  • The platform enables swift and simple onboarding process 
  • Brings down the time taken to onboard a PoS partner to hours instead of days/weeks 
Commission Management
  • Streamline the processes involved in commission management 
  • Keep an accurate track of commissions shares and payments 
White-Labeled Platform
  • Have your own branded platform 
  • Redirection facilities from existing website 
Proprietary Architecture
  • Independent database and 100% ownership of data for individual brokers 
  • Allows you to leverage the common resources and the cloud optimally 
SaaS Platform
  • Offered on OPEX model 
  • Hosted on cloud in a secure data within the country 
  • Comes pre-integrated with numerous insurance company APIs 
  • Seamlessly integrates with any existing core system 
Dashboards & Reports
  • Comes with insightful reports & dashboards 
  • Helps you keep track of products and team performance

Insurance Brokers API for A Wide Range of Businesses

COMPARELive supports all retail lines of business.
Motor Insurance (Private Cars & Two-Wheelers)
Health Insurance
Travel Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance

COMPARELive Value Propositions

‘Out-of-the-box’ technology for Insurance Brokers.
A branded portal that enables your customers to purchase policies online
Scale your business with swift onboarding of partners
Pay-when-you-earn model
Choose the pricing model based on your business requirements
Use the insurance broker solution's dashboards & reports for business insights
Regular upgrades for features with zero additional costs
Resolution of queries by a team of experts

Why iNube’s COMPARELive?

iNube has experience that spans over a decade of providing Insurtech solutions to brokers and insurance companies. With an extensive knowledge of the broking industry, iNube designed and developed COMPARELive to meet the requirements of modern-day insurance brokers. 

The platform enables brokers to improve their overall efficiency, enhance customer experience, and expand their businesses. Furthermore, the platform helps insurance brokers to stay a step ahead and thrive in the heavily competitive insurance industry. 

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