Take the Digital Leap with our Spectrum of Reinsurance Solutions

Our scalable and cloud ready solutions with seamless integration provide reinsurers a robust interface with business intelligence on fingertips, streamlines operations and helps achieve operational excellence to meet business objectives effectively.

“iNube has successfully deployed Digital Insurance Solutions globally
with 25+ leading insurance companies”


policies issued per month


increase in productivity


reduction in TAT for policy issuance


increase in STP policies

Solutions for Reinsurers

Property Risk Survey Solution

Property Risk Survey Solution helps risk engineers, undertake a comprehensive risk survey, to identify and assess the different types of risk that may adversely affect a property Know More

Digital Health Claims Management & Fraud Detection

ClaimsLive Health, a state-of-the-art and customizable technology platform helps reinsurers with end-to-end digital claims management and fraud detection for health insurance Know More

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