Robust Portfolio of Innovative Technology Solutions for Insurers

Enrich customer experience and become a customer centric insurer by digitally revamping your core operations such as underwriting, claims management and risk assesment and embrace new technologies to attract the new digital customer.

“iNube has successfully deployed Digital Insurance Solutions globally
with 25+ leading insurance companies”


policies issued per month


increase in productivity


reduction in TAT for policy issuance


26% increase in STP policies

Solutions for Insurers

Small Ticket Insurance Solutions

‘MICA’, a state-of-the-art technology platform, helps you ideate small ticket/context-based insurance products across multiple segments (P&C, Life & Annuities and Health Insurance), explore distribution through unconventional channels/partners and leverage faster go-to-market Know More

Digital Sales & Underwriting

Digital Sales & Underwriting’ solution powered by AVO, a feature rich responsive web application, empowers insurance intermediaries to manage and digitize the sales and underwriting lifecycle efficiently Know More

Distribution Management

Distribution Management’ solution, powered by SellWell, is an innovative mobile platform that helps introduce efficiencies in the sales process Know More

Digital Claims Management & Fraud Detection

Digital Claims Management & Fraud Detection’ solution powered by ClaimsLive, a new age state-of-the-art technology platform from iNube, provides end-to-end health and motor claims management Know More

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

‘Enterprise Mobility Solutions’ powered by our proprietary B2B mobility platform – ‘Evidens’, helps digitize the on-field activities across the insurance ecosystem Know More

Mobility Solutions for Insurance Customers

Insurance Mobility Solutions for Customers‘, helps insurance companies maintain traction with their end customers throughout the policy lifecycle Know More

‘Do-it-yourself’ B2B Mobility Platform

Do-it-yourself’ B2B mobility platform called ‘Evidens’ is an innovative ‘Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD) Platform’, that enables insurance companies to build customized mobile apps, to optimize their on-field operations Know More

Live Streaming

Live Streaming’ solution provides a powerful medium of web and mobile app audio-video streaming, for insurance companies to augment vital on-field business functions like inspections, claims processing, agent training etc. Know More

Agri Insurance Solution

Agri Insurance solution comprises of a comprehensive stand-alone system for the management of agriculture insurance LOB for insurance companies servicing farmers under various government schemes Know More

Corporate Portal

Corporate Portal is a front-end interface for corporate employees, HR administrators to enable enrolment and subsequent updates to corporate policies efficiently Know More

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