Exclusive Broker Solutions to Stay Ahead in the Digital Era

Insurance brokers play a key role in the insurer’s journey towards building and delivering customer centricity.
Digital solutions from iNube help them harness the power of technology to reach new audiences and retain existing clients, with a range of benefits:
• Access to customer historical data helps insurance brokers to be well informed about customer background
• Identify potential sales opportunities
• Leverage actionable insights through insightful dashboards
• Optimize sales through up-selling and cross-selling
• Reduce routine administrative work through automated workflows

“iNube has successfully deployed Digital Insurance Solutions globally
with 25+ leading insurance companies”


policies issued per month


increase in productivity


reduction in TAT for policy issuance


26% increase in STP policies

Solutions for Insurance Brokers

Portal for Insurance Brokers/Aggregators

AVO Aggregator Portal is a fully featured web application for insurance brokers and aggregators, that provides a comparison of different options, from multiple insurance companies Know More

Property Risk Survey Solution

Property Risk Survey Solution helps risk engineers, undertake a comprehensive risk survey, to identify and assess the different types of risk that may adversely affect a property Know More

Motor Break-In Inspection Solution

Motor Break-In Inspection facilitates digital pre-inspection for lapsed motor insurance policy renewals and eliminates tedious manual process of on-site examination Know More

Motor Claims Investigation Solution

Motor Claims Investigation Solution enables motor claims investigators to digitally conduct on-field spot investigations, with audio-visual evidence and reduce Turnaround time (TAT) for motor claim settlement Know More

Corporate Portal

Corporate Portal is a front-end interface for corporate employees, HR administrators to enable enrolment and subsequent updates to corporate policies efficiently Know More

Small Ticket Insurance Solutions

MICA, a state-of-the-art technology platform from iNube, helps you ideate small ticket insurance products, explore distribution through unconventional channels/partners and leverage faster go-to-market Know More

Live Streaming

Live Streaming solution provides a powerful medium of web and mobile app audio-video streaming, for insurance companies to augment vital on-field business functions like inspections, claims processing, agent training etc. Know More

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