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Enhance Customer Engagement with Mobile Solutions for Insurance

Mobile Solutions for Insurance Customers , from iNube, helps insurance companies, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and brokers, maintain traction with their end customers throughout the policy lifecycle


• Enables beneficiaries to manage their policy and claim related information
• Search, rate and connect nearby network of workshops/garages/hospitals/ agents
• Helps in interacting with insurance companies/brokers/Third Party Administrators (TPAs) in real time

Exclusive portfolio of Android and iOS-based feature rich mobile applications

Health & AccidentMedSync caters to the critical needs of your health insurance customers and provides a stress-free experience

Motor InsuranceMotoSync extends a superlative experience to your motor insurance customers

Life & AnnuitiesLifeSync enhances engagement with your life insurance customers


Explore the distinctive features of our mobile insurance solutions for customers, that helps in driving enhanced customer engagement

Policy Briefcase

Access policy details, benefits covered, details of family members enrolled

Claims Junction

Quickly intimate the insurance company of any untoward incident, track claims status and view claims history

Motor Self-Inspection

Capture video of damaged vehicle and upload evidence for loss assessment of claim

Provider/Garage Search

Track where an event occurred and help locate convenient nearby hospitals, motor garages or agents

Unique QR Code

Initiate transactions with unique QR code assigned to each policy or member covered

Premium Reminder/Live Updates & News

Instant updates, announcements and news clippings

Live Streaming

Initiate video call with insurance company or broker / TPA and get real-time response

Document Upload

Lodge claims by taking & uploading images of critical documents

Value Proposition

Learn more about the advantages of our customer centric mobile insurance solutions

  • Optimize Operations

    Reduce on going customer service cost by providing a self-service platform for customers

  • Enhance Customer Engagement

    Provide information on finger-tips, enhance the quality of customer engagement and maintain traction

  • Promote Cross-Selling

    Superior platform to cross sell your products to end customers. Provide interesting products based on customer historical data

  • Increase Revenues

    Reduce on going customer service call center costs, with one to one direct interaction with the customers

  • Improve Decision Making

    Precise real time information from the customer, enables insurer to take corrective actions at the right time

  • Increase Brand Awareness

    Provide customer convenience, enhance your brand experience and always establish a direct link with your customer

  • Issue1 Real Time Quotes/Policies

    Instantly generate quotes and issue policies. Reduce load on your core insurance system

  • Provide Quick Turn Around Time (TAT)

    Delight your customers by providing quicker turnaround times for policy issuance, renewals, endorsements

  • Ensure Greater Flexibility

    Allows insurance companies to configure different privileges for pricing, underwriting and operations to
    different intermediaries

  • Gain Better Oversight

    Take complete control over your distribution network with configurable levels of pricing and underwriting

  • Increase Transparency

    Manage complex commission structures and make payments online

  • Be Eco-friendly

    Help the environment by enabling end-to-end paperless process for policy issuance

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