Live video streaming

Augment Vital Business Functions with Live Interactions

‘Live Streaming’ solution provides a powerful medium of web and mobile app real time audio video streaming, for insurance companies to augment vital on-field business functions like inspections, claims processing, agent training etc.

Gather Vital On-Field Evidence with Real Time Video Streaming

The live streaming solution is a multi-purpose pluggable ready to use solution. It streams real time audio video content over the internet, which ensures optimum resource utilization and improves on-field productivity. The versatile live streaming solution enables use of ‘Runner Boys’ instead of skilled resources to undertake field activities.

Timely evidence and vital data gathered, enables insurance companies to combat fraud at source. Constant interaction between the insurance companies and on-field staff lead to better communications and streamlines processes.

How does Live Streaming Work?

Live streaming solution is a simple yet powerful business enabler. It comprises of a mobile application and web application for seamless on-field process execution.

Mobile App to Web Browser Live Streaming

Mobile App to Web Browser Live Streaming is simple and straightforward and caters to the enterprise B2B segment.

  • The on-field end users only need to be equipped with a native mobile app. This app would connect to iNube’s stand-alone pluggable live streaming component.
  • Exclusive web browser interface for behind-the-scene operations team. Furthermore, this enables them to administer and oversee the in-house and on-field operations.
  • The operations user is able to capture snapshots, save and download the video footage during the live streaming session.

Browser to Browser Live Streaming

‘Browser (on the mobile device) to Browser (on the web)’ Live Streaming, caters to the B2C segment. Most noteworthy, it eliminates the need of a dedicated mobile app.

  • The operations team generates a ‘unique & secure web link’ through their web browser. This is shared it with the end customer through an SMS.
  • The link opens a simple interface on the customer’s mobile browser. This enables him to authenticate himself and select the operations user to interact with.
  • The operations user can capture snapshots during the live streaming session, save and download the video footage.
  • This customer centric simple interface is designed with a focus to help the customer seamlessly interact with the operations team in real time.


Empowering end users and operations team with robust functionalities for achieving operational excellence and ensuring quick turnaround time.

For End-User/Customer

  • Choose currently active users from the operations team
  • Capture informative on-field details such as images, video and audio clips
  • Submit details gathered/evidence

For Operations Team

  • Receive/Initiate/Reject incoming live streaming call notification
  • Take snapshots during live streaming
  • Save and download live streaming videos
  • Download additional evidence with geo-tags, time and date stamp
  • Download MIS report

A Glimpse of iNube’s Popular Live Streaming Solutions

Motor Break-In Inspection Solution – Facilitate digital pre-inspection for lapsed motor insurance policy renewals and eliminate tedious manual process of on-site examination

Motor Claims Investigation Solution – Enable motor claims investigators to digitally conduct on-field spot investigations, with audio-visual evidence and reduce Turnaround time (TAT) for motor claim settlement

Motor Loss Assessment Solution – Enable surveyors to assess the extent of damage to motor vehicles and arrive at liability of the claim for insurance companies

Property Risk Survey Solution – Helps risk engineers, undertake a comprehensive risk survey, to identify and assess the different types of risk that may adversely affect a property


Explore the distinctive features of our live streaming solution, that helps in delivering enhanced business value

Multiple video resolution modes based on network bandwidth

Configurable limits for video timeframes

Single or dual mode video streaming

Auto scales when a lower network bandwidth is detected

Dual camera switching

Zoom during live streaming

Noise reduction or mute audio

Screen toggle

Capture snapshots during the video both from web and mobile app

Value Proposition

Explore the benefits of our seamless live streaming solutions and understand how they help in optimizing on-field operations

  • Reduce Inspection/Survey TAT

    Act on real time information from the field and take quick decisions

  • Reduce Costs

    Using ‘runner boys’ rather than surveyors to undertake on-field activities. As a result, reduce operational costs

  • Maintain Data Confidentiality

    Ensure security of live streaming data. Get complete control on the live streaming data in contrast to video streaming solutions offered by popular social media platforms

  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    Reduce Inspection/Survey TAT for faster outcomes of processes leading to enhanced customer engagement

  • Knowledge Center

    Improve and streamline agent and inspector training. Engage on-field teams with live broadcasts and policy updates

  • Issue1 Real Time Quotes/Policies

    Instantly generate quotes and issue policies. Reduce load on your core insurance system

  • Provide Quick Turn Around Time (TAT)

    Delight your customers by providing quicker turnaround times for policy issuance, renewals, endorsements

  • Ensure Greater Flexibility

    Allows insurance companies to configure different privileges for pricing, underwriting and operations to
    different intermediaries

  • Gain Better Oversight

    Take complete control over your distribution network with configurable levels of pricing and underwriting

  • Increase Transparency

    Manage complex commission structures and make payments online

  • Be Eco-friendly

    Help the environment by enabling end-to-end paperless process for policy issuance

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