Life Insurance Claim Investigations

Common Platform for Life Insurance Claim Investigations Across Insurance Companies

Our ‘Life Insurance Claim Investigations’ solution helps to streamline life claim investigations by collaboratively working with common pool of investigators and other insurance companies


The ‘Life Insurance Claims Investigation’ solution is an industry level common investigation platform that comprises of a web portal and a mobile app, built on iNube’s proprietary B2B mobility platform – ‘Evidens’.

This user-friendly platform helps to share information, suspect and fraud related data among member insurance companies. It helps enforce quality and timeliness with claim investigators by collaboratively working with other insurance companies.

Solution Features


Bird’s eye view of location, view maps with geo co-ordinates

Document Upload

Capture images of relevant documents and attach to life claim investigation reports

Workflow Driven

Enable users across multiple levels to review and refine life claim investigation reports, prior to submission of exhaustive report to the claims officer

Offline Capability

Gather information including geo-coordinates even in offline mode. Network connectivity is required only at the time of report submission

Versatile Controls

Scan documents, take photos, record video/audio, digital signatures to support case

Increased Convenience

Automatic generation of PDF report for life claim investigation

Enhanced Security

Encrypted data storage and dual factor user authentication

Value Proposition

  • Reduce Claims Leakage

    Base your claims assessment on timely and reliable information from the field

  • Reduce Losses

    Identify duplicate and suspect cases by virtue of sharing critical information with other insurance companies

  • Ensure Quality Investigation Findings

    With smart features such as geo-tagging of images, capture of audio video evidence and digital signatures, be rest assured of the quality of your investigation reports

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    Intelligently assign investigation cases, monitor progress and receive real-time digital reports

  • Ensure faster completion of investigations with a guided process
  • Increase productivity and bandwidth to undertake more investigations in reduced time
  • Self-govern TAT for investigations
  • Collect all audio-visual evidence on a single device
  • Auto-generate reports. No effort required for report preparation

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