‘Enterprise Mobility Solutions (B2B)

Dynamically Configure and Deploy 100+ Enterprise Mobile Apps
in Minutes

Build unlimited enterprise mobile apps to optimize critical insurance field operations such as surveys, investigations, loss assessment etc., with our ‘Do-it-yourself’ B2B mobility platform called Evidens


Evidens is an innovative code free ‘Rapid Mobile Application Development (RMAD) Platform’. It is an enterprise mobile app development platform and helps configure and deploy unlimited enterprise mobility applications (B2B) with uniform look and feel.

The comprehensive platform enables businesses across industry verticals to build customised mobile apps, with the help of Evidens Sky Portal and Evidens Field Apps.


Rapid app development with code free platform

Efficiently works in online (3G or 4G) or offline modes

Enhanced task management. Configurable workflow.

Digitization of data at source
Reduce process cycle time

Manage distributed workforce from a single location

Value Proposition

  • Multi-Level Reporting

    Horizontal and vertical categorization across multiple levels.
    Data visibility at both granular and at bird’s eye view

  • Reduce Dependency on IT

    Codeless platform makes it possible for business users to create apps independently

  • Optimize Efficiency

    Enhance productivity of on-field staff with a common platform for information sharing

  • Leverage Faster Go-to-Market

    Readymade plug & play solution that can build infinite number of mobile apps on a single platform with a consistent look and feel

  • Issue1 Real Time Quotes/Policies

    Instantly generate quotes and issue policies. Reduce load on your core insurance system

  • Provide Quick Turn Around Time (TAT)

    Delight your customers by providing quicker turnaround times for policy issuance, renewals, endorsements

  • Ensure Greater Flexibility

    Allows insurance companies to configure different privileges for pricing, underwriting and operations to
    different intermediaries

  • Gain Better Oversight

    Take complete control over your distribution network with configurable levels of pricing and underwriting

  • Increase Transparency

    Manage complex commission structures and make payments online

  • Be Eco-friendly

    Help the environment by enabling end-to-end paperless process for policy issuance

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