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Health Claims Investigation

Reduced Health Claims Investigation Cycle Time by 65% for a Prominent General Insurance Company

The Challenge

A Prominent General Insurer in India was seeking to implement a Mobile App to enable investigation of claims emanating from Mass / State sponsored Health Insurance schemes. The customer had engaged multiple third party agencies all over the country to carryout investigation. Managing huge volumes of investigations across multiple investigation agencies was a challenge often leading to delays in claim processing. ​

The Solution

iNube leveraged its flagship RMAD platform called Evidens which has built in capabilities to create a Mobile App for any on-field activity. An Android Mobile App was custom built to manage the Health Claims Investigations. A front-end integration with the Claims Processing application provided a mechanism to Create, Assign & Track Claim Investigation cases. ​

  • Investigators digitally captured Claim Details, Hospital Details, Nurse Details, Patient Details
  • Investigators captured evidence and important artefacts in the form of Images, Audio / Video clips with Geo Co-ordinates​
  • Claim cases were assigned to specific investigation agencies that were mapped region-wise​
  • Investigation reports were auto-compiled in customized formats

Value Delivered

  • Successfully conducted investigations in remote areas with no data connectivity (offline data capture)
  • Improved Data Accuracy and Reliability – real-time digital tamper-proof evidences​​


Investigations carried out till date using the Health Claims Investigation Mobile App​


Reduction in Health Claims Investigation Cycle Time

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