agritech insurance

Automated AgriBusiness Processes for an Insurance Company with an AgriTech Insurance Solution

The Challenge

Customer is an award winning General Insurance Company offering Agri Insurance Policies. Agri Insurance business processes were highly manual and time consuming in nature and needed an intervention of an efficient AgriTech Insurance Solution. It involved processing data from multiple sources – Banks, Government portal etc. with calculations for sum insured, premiums and claims being processed manually.

The AgriTech Insurance Solution

Comprehensive AgriTech solution to sort, cleanse and process large volumes of data before pushing to the core application for policy issuance and claims management

  • Automatic sorting of data at village and crop level for policy issuance
  • Configurable logic for calculation of sum insured and premiums
  • Multiple levels of validations and sanity checks with workflows to handle deviations (SI & Premium differences)
  • Reconcile premium payments data from different sources (State Govt, Central Govt, Farmer share)
  • Embedded logic for claim calculation across PMFBY & WBCIS schemes

Value Delivered

  • Productivity gain by eliminating human error w.r.t. premium calculations
  • Accurate estimation of crop yield from the field enabled by CCE Mobile App

10000+ Farmers across 40 Districts

Onboarded till date

46 Billion+ INR

Sum insured

6 Billion INR

Premium collected

57 Different Crops

Managed currently

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