Our Vision

iNube will strive for leadership to build value for Employees, Customers and the Community, using innovative solutions and emerging technologies.

Our Mission

iNube will value Employees who have passion, positive attitude, focused on taking challenging
roles and eager to work on emerging technologies by providing:

  • An eco-system to create innovative solutions.
  • Opportunities for continuous education & development.
  • Work-life balance through flexible work environment.

iNube will build value for Insurance Customers who are desiring long term technology partners by:

  • Creating innovative solutions to enable the customer to stay ahead of competition.
  • Partnering for meeting customer’s business goals.
  • Being a consultant to facilitate customer’s technology decisions.

iNube will build value for the Local Community by:

  • Contributing to relevant social causes.
  • Facilitating NGO’s with technology solutions to enhance their service capabilities.
  • Ensuring business processes are eco-friendly.

Our Values

Ethical Practices

  • Abide by all relevant laws.
  • Adhere to Business Conduct.

Integrity & Trust

  • Honour all commitments.
  • Respect IP’s, Confidentiality and Privacy.
  • Ensure Financial Fidelity


  • Be an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • Support Secular practices

Passion & Excellence

  • Ensure Quality in everything
  • Driven by Processes

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