Small Ticket Insurance Cover Accelerator


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Introducing MICA

Harness the full potential of your Insurance business to "Innovate Products", and leverage "Faster Go-to-Market" with improved "Omni Channel Support" capabilities

MICA (Small Ticket Insurance Cover Accelerator) is a state-of-the-art robust technology platform specially designed to support non-standard insurance products and unconventional distribution channels.

It helps in generating innovative small ticket, low value, high volume insurance policies. These small ticket insurance policies are offered as an add on purchase to a partner specific core offering.

MICA-Value Proposition

MICA Modules

MICA Benefits

Effectively addressing the Pain Points of Insurance Companies

  • Scope for Innovation - Experiment with confidence in 'Sandbox' environment
  • Cloud Compatibility – Secure, Reliable & Non-centralized Access
  • Seamless Integration - Robust Third Party Integration
  • Faster Go-to-Market - Launching Products is a breeze!
  • Front-end Interface - Compatible with Existing Partner Front-end Interface
  • API - Partner specific APIs for Policy and Claim Transactions
  • Simple & Nimble - Plug & Play Operations, Non Technical Product Set-Up
  • Affordable - Flexible Pricing, SaaS Model

Sample Use Cases

Small Ticket Insurance Cover Configurations using MICA